New Devotional Videos

Posted on the 22nd May 2020 in the category Announcements

Following on from the success of their Holy Week and Easter devotional videos, The Society and the Church Union have worked together on four new devotional videos on the following themes: 


1. Our Lady to be released at 7pm on Sunday 24 May to mark Mary's month of May and to complement the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham's National Pilgrimage at Home initiative, whose live streaming commences at 11.45am on Monday 25 May.




2. Pentecost to be released at 8am on Sunday 31 May to mark the feast of that name and to renew our lives with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.




3. Praying for the Dead to be released at 8pm on Thursday 4 June to support all those mourning the death of loved ones, including those grieving at this time of the coronavirus pandemic.



4. Corpus Christi to be released at 7pm on Wednesday 10 June to mark the eve of the feast of that name and to deepen our devotion to the Blessed Sacrament.



The videos aim, in part, to fill a spiritual gap left by the closure of churches for public worship and, for most of the faithful, private prayer. In making the videos, the lockdown rules in place at the time of filming were followed in full. The lockdown rules, and their associated health guidance, prevented most of the bishops of The Society from contributing to the two sets of videos. The bishops of The Society are therefore grateful to the Bishop of Fulham for taking a lead role. The Society and the Church Union would like to record their thanks to the Priest Administrator of the Anglican Shrine of Our Lady of Walsingham for the use of the Shrine Church for filming and to the Vicar and the Churchwardens of St Benet Fink, Tottenham, for the use of that church building for filming.


The videos will be made available at the times listed above via The Society Facebook Page.  Those who use Facebook are encouraged to watch them there and to share them so that they reach as many people as possible. However, it is also intended to subsequently post the videos here, for those who don't use that platform.


This liturgical music is used in the video.


Photo Credit: George Reynolds