A selection of photographs from the day kindly taken on behalf of The Society by Graham Howard, a supporter of The Society. 


 A selection of media coverage:

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The Ordination of the Bishop of Burnley - Photos and Media Reports

Posted on the 4th Feb 2015 in the category News


A selection of photographs of the day kindly taken on behalf of The Society by Graham Howard, a support of The Society.


A selection of media coverage:


Forward in Faith

Forward in Faith expresses its gratitude to the Archbishop of York for making arrangements for the Bishop of Burnley’s ordination which gave full expression to the Guiding Principles enshrined in the House of Bishops’ Declaration. Read more.


Diocese of Blackburn

"The Church has stated afresh its commitment to enabling all traditions to flourish within its life and structures, and I hope that my appointment is seen as evidence of that pledge." Read more.


Church Times

The appointment of a traditionalist bishop had been "essential" for Anglo-Catholics, [Bishop Philip] said: "The thing that traditionalists need . . . is a line of bishops to whom they have access, and this is a very beautiful covenant that the Archbishops have made with the Church, that wing of the Church, to show that those promises will be honoured." Read more.



"My consecration sets another precedent, which is to make it possible that those who cannot accept this development [of the consecration of women as bishops] in the Church's life to remain as loyal Anglicans." Read more.



Send down the Holy Spirit on your servant Philip

for the office and work of a bishop in your Church.