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Final Approval of the Women Bishops Legislation

Posted on the 14th Jul 2014 in the category Statements

Statement from the Council of Bishops


Many in the Church of England are celebrating today, following final approval of the legislation to permit women to be ordained as bishops.


While recognizing this, we deeply regret the further obstacle that this decision places in the path to the full, visible unity of the whole Church.


We do, however, welcome the provision that has been made in the House of Bishops’ Declaration. It recognizes that our theological convictions about ministry and ordination remain within the spectrum of Anglican teaching and tradition. It assures us that bishops will continue to be consecrated within the Church of England who can provide episcopal ministry that accords with those theological convictions. It makes provision for parishes to gain access to that episcopal ministry by passing resolutions.


This gives us confidence in our future as catholics who are called to live out our Christian vocation in the Church of England. For this we give thanks to God.


On behalf of the Council of Bishops                         


+ TONY PONTEFRACT                                         

Rt Revd Tony Robinson                                            

Bishop of Pontefract