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The Council of Bishops has issued a Pastoral Letter, which the bishops invite the clergy to read, and make available, in all of their churches on Sunday 4 December 2016.


Pastoral Letter 2016

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Response by the Bishop of Wakefield


I welcome Sir Philip Mawer's report.  I am grateful for the care that he has taken in producing it, for his conclusions, and for his further thoughts.


Our aspiration is indeed to offer sacramental ministry to those placed under our oversight under the House of Bishops' Declaration "within the spirit of the Five Principles, with due sensitvity to the feeling of others, and with full regard to the lawful authority of the relevent diocesan bishop (whether male or female)".



The Red Revd Tony Robinson

Chairman of the Council of Bishops


Note: the Independent Reviewer's report is published here.

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Statement by the Rt Revd Tony Robinson, Chairman of the Council of Bishops of the Society


It is with great regret that I have received the Bishop of Horsham’s resignation from the Council of Bishops of The Society. I acknowledge the pain he feels in taking this step, and his regret at the pain it will cause for others.


Part of The Society’s purpose is to continue within the Church of England a tradition of sacramental theology and ministry that accords with the mind and practice of the great churches of East and West. We see this as our contribution both to the breadth and diversity of the Church of England and to the quest for the full visible unity of Christ’s Church.


As a member of the Council of Bishops, the Bishop of Chichester will continue to provide pastoral and sacramental ministry and oversight under the House of Bishops’ Declaration to the clergy and people of The Society in his diocese.


We send Bishop Mark our good wishes for his future ministry.




The Rt Revd Tony Robinson



The Diocese of Chichester’s announcement is available here.

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The Council of Bishops of The Society held its first residential meeting of the year on 10 and 11 February 2015.


After reviewing recent developments, we discussed a number of initiatives. Among these were more structured ways of publicizing vacancies and also of drawing to each other’s attention both vacancies and priests who are looking to move. We also hope to use modern mapping and database technology to help us to take a strategic overview of our parishes and priests.


The elections to the General Synod later this year will be an important opportunity to demonstrate the commitment of bishops, clergy and laypeople of The Society to responding to the invitation to flourish within the life and structures of the Church of England.


We hope to arrange a series of residential meetings in 2016 to enable all our clergy to take counsel with their bishops on a diocesan or regional basis, as appropriate.


We also reflected on the recent consecrations in York. The presence of Bishops of The Society at the Bishop of Stockport’s consecration gave expression to our commitment to the five Guiding Principles which form part of the House of Bishops’ Declaration. The Bishops were there to honour the arrangements that provide for the flourishing of all in the Church of England, not least those who are committed to our care – even though they could not assent to the ordination by sharing in the laying on of hands.


On behalf of the Council of Bishops



The Rt Revd Tony Robinson, Bishop of Pontefract



12 February 2015

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Statement from the Council of Bishops
Statement from the Council of Bishops

Statement from the Council of Bishops


None of the bishops of The Society underestimates the searing grief that accompanies the breakdown of a marriage:  many of us have shared this grief within our own families.  The news that following divorce Bishop Jonathan Baker is to marry in a civil ceremony followed by a service of thanksgiving and dedication in church should draw the assurance of prayers from everyone, including from those who will be bewildered and unsettled by it.

Bishop Jonathan has diligently sought the permissions that the Church of England requires for him to marry again.  The Bishops of the Society reaffirm their commitment both to the Church's teaching on Christian marriage as a sacramental sign, and to the need for pastoral sensitivity and care both for those who are married and for those whose marriages fail.

Bishop Jonathan has been assured of our prayers.

On behalf of the Council of Bishops

The Rt Revd Tony Robinson






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