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Ordinations to the Diaconate, 2017






Aiden Edwards

Blackburn Cathedral

1 July: 10.30

St Anne’s, St Annes-on-Sea

Philip Kennedy

Southwark Cathedral

1 July: 11.00

St Michael and All Angels with St James, Croydon

Nicholas Archer

Chichester Cathedral

1 July: 15.00

St Saviour and St Peter, Eastbourne

Adam Edwards

Lichfield Cathedral

1 July: 18.00

The Most Holy Trinity, Ettingshall

Nigel Palmer

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

1 July: 15.00

Kentish Town

Matthew Topham

St Paul’s Cathedral, London

1 July: 15.00

St Mary, Tottenham

Mark Mawhinney

Durham Cathedral

2 July: 10.00

St Mary the Virgin, Seaham; Seaham Harbour and Dawdon

Richard Hume

Lichfield Cathedral

2 July: 10.00

St Mary and St Chad, Longton

Nicholas Johnson

Manchester Cathedral

16 July: 14.30

St Mark with Christ Church, Glodwick

Alexander Hobbs

Exeter Cathedral

10 September: 10.00

St Michael and All Angels, Heavitree & St Mary Steps, Exeter



Ordinations to the Priesthood by Bishops of The Society, 2017


Edward Carr

Bishop of Burnley

25 January: 19.30

St Paul, Adlington

Andrew Birks

Bishop of Chichester

10 June: 18.00

St Bartholomew, Brighton

Toby Boutle

Bishop of Chichester

10 June: 18.00

St Bartholomew, Brighton

Robert Coupland

Bishop of Chichester

10 June: 18.00

St Bartholomew, Brighton

John Underhill

Bishop of Chichester

10 June: 18.00

St Bartholomew, Brighton

Simon Walsh

Bishop of Fulham

16 June: 18.00

St Andrew, Holborn

Orazio Camaioni

Bishop of Ebbsfleet

24 June: 15.00

Ss Peter & Paul, Wantage

Alexander Ladds

Bishop of Wakefield

24 June: 15.00

St Mary, Thornton-in-Craven

Endre Kormos

Bishop of Beverley

28 June: 18.30

St Peter, Wallsend

Giles Orton

Bishop of Ebbsfleet

1 July: 19.00

Derby Cathedral

Thomas Carpenter

Bishop of Beverley

2 July: 16.00

Sheffield Cathedral

David D’Silva

Bishop of Beverley

2 July: 16.00

Sheffield Cathedral

Adam Burnham

Bishop of Ebbsfleet

2 July: 17.00

Wells Cathedral

Stephen Graham

Bishop of Richborough

2 July: 18.00

St Andrew, Holt

Alistair Hodkinson

Bishop of Beverley

3 July: 19.30

St Helen, Auckland

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A group of representatives of The Society, led by the Bishops of Ebbsfleet, Fulham and Richborough, have held a seminar in Rome. Its purpose was to present and explain to an invited audience both the official provisions put in place to enable Anglican Catholics and Conservative Evangelicals to flourish within the Church of England following the ordination of women as bishops (notably in the House of Bishops’ Declaration) and The Society as the anglo-catholic structure which builds on those provisions. The group also included Dr Colin Podmore (Secretary of the Council of Bishops of The Society) and the Revd Ian McCormack.


The seminar was held at the Anglican Centre in Rome by kind permission of its Director, Archbishop David Moxon, who participated in the seminar with the Associate Director and the Director-designate, Archbishop Bernard Ntahoturi. The British Ambassador to the Holy See was also present. The Roman Catholic participants included staff members of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity and other dicasteries of the Holy See, together with a number of Roman Catholics prominent in Anglican - Roman Catholic relations.


In addition to presentations by the members of the group and responses by Roman Catholic participants, the seminar also included a presentation by the Revd Alexander McGregor, Deputy Legal Adviser to the General Synod, on the legislation and the House of Bishops’ Declaration.


The Bishop of Ebbsfleet, the Rt Revd Jonathan Goodall, said, ‘The seminar has been a very positive experience, and warmly received. It has given us a valuable opportunity to set out for our friends and colleagues in Rome how The Society is responding, in an anomalous situation, to the challenges, on the one hand, of obedience to an ancient common ecclesiology we share with Roman Catholics, and on the other of confidence in those aspects of mutual recognition and witness we have with our fellow Anglicans. We are very grateful to the Anglican Centre for making it possible.’ 


Photos of the Seminar

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At the 2016 Forward in Faith National Assembly the Right Revd Philip North, Bishop of Burnley spoke about The Future of Catholic Life in the Church of England  and began a consultation on the Mission Priorities of The Society for the next five years.   The proposed Mission Priorities can be read here.


What Do You Think?


We now need your views on these six priorities. You might like to think about the following questions:


  • Do you agree that the six priorities are the right ones for the Catholic Movement for the next 5 years? If not, what would you change?

  • Which is the most important of the six, and why?

  • What would the implications of this mission strategy be for your parish?

  • What should be our first steps in implementing this strategy?

  • Do you have any other general comments about this mission strategy?


It would be good for parishes to have this conversation at a PCC meeting, and then return a Parish response. Alternatively, you could send in your own personal reflections. All feedback will be very much valued. Please send responses to by Friday 27 January 2017.




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