Sisters working in Parishes and Mission Churches in the Church of England

Sisters at a Community of the Holy Cross (CHC) Mission House, London, late 1870's.


Parochial work, not including Hospitals, Schools, Homes for incurables, aged, etc.

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February 2022


Society of the Holy Trinity (1845) Devonport Sisters

S. Peter’s, Plymouth


Community of S. Mary the Virgin, Wantage (1848)

S. John the Divine, Kennington
S. Cecilia’s, Parson Cross,
S. Mark’s, Swindon
S. Anne’s, Paddington
S. Michael’s, Camberwell
S. Matthias, Earl’s Court
All Saints, Wigan
S. Mark’s, Leicester
S. Hilda’s, Darlington
S. Swithun’s, Lincoln


Community of S. John the Divine (formerly Nursing Sisters of S. John the Divine)  (1848)







Society of the Holy and Undivided Trinity (1849)

Ss Philip and James, Oxford
S. Barnabas, Jericho, Oxford
S. Paul’s, Oxford
S. Peter’s, Plymouth


All Saints Sisters of the Poor (1851)

All Saints, Margaret Street
All Saints, Helmsley, N. Yorks
Holy Innocents, Hammersmith
S. Aidan’s, Tonge Moor
S. Augustine’s, Tonge Moor
S. Alban’s, Cheetwood
S. Alban’s, London Colney
S. Alban’s, Sneinton, Nottingham
S. Andrew’s, Wolverhampton
S. Barnabas, Jericho, Oxford
S. George’s, Beckenham
S. Hilda’s, Cross Gates, Leeds
S. James the Less, Bradford
S. James-the-Less, Liverpool
S. John’s, Chatham
S Jude’s, Manningham, Bradford
S. Leonard’s, Spital, Chesterfield
S. Luke’s, Eastbourne
S. Margaret’s, Liverpool
S. Martin’s, Tyneside
S. Mary’s, Chatham
S. Mary Magdalene,

S. Mary’s, Chesterfield
S. Matthew’s, Westminster
S. Saviour’s, Eastbourne
S. Saviour’s, Richmond Hill,
S. Stephen’s, Lewisham
S. Thomas, Finsbury Park
S. Wilfrid’s, Selsey


Community of S. John Baptist (1852)

Parish of Clewer
S. Barnabas, Pimlio
S. Mary’s, Soho
All Hallows, Borough
S. Alban’s, Holborn
S. Mary & S. John, Cowley
S. John’s, Newport (Monmouth)
Ss Mary & Eanswythe,
S. Saviour’s, Folkestone
S. John’s, Bovey Tracey


Society of S. Margaret (1855)

S. Mary & All Saints, Walsingham
S. Augustine’s, S. Chad’s
Holy Trinity, Hoxton
S. John Baptist, Holland Road
Holy Cross, S. Pancras
S. Silas the Martyr, Kentish Town
S. Francis, East Moors
S. German’s, Roath, Cardiff
S. Saviour’s, Roath, Cardiff
S. Columba’s, Sunderland
S. Cuthbert’s, Newcastle-on-Tyne
S. Matthew’s, Newcastle-on-Tyne
S. Wilfrid’s, Newcastle-on-Tyne
S. Augustine’s, Haggerston
S. Chad’s, Haggerston
S. Mary’s, Haggerston
S. Stephen’s, Haggerston
S. Michael’s, Shoreditch
S. John’s, Limehouse
S. James the Great, Bethnal Grn
S. Thomas, Bethnal Green
S. John the Baptist, Holland Rd
S. Silas the Martyr, Kentish Town
Shrine of Our Lady, Walsingham

Parish of the Resurrection, Leicester

S. Swithun’s, East Grinstead

S. Mary’s, East Grinstead

S. Michael and All Angels, Brighton

St. Nicholas, Brighton



Community of the Blessed Virgin Mary (1855)

S. Bartholomew’s, Brighton
S. Paul’s, Brighton


Community of All Hallows, Ditchingham (1856)

S. Julian’s
and other parishes in Norwich


Community of the Holy Cross (1857)

S. Saviour’s, Wellclose Square
Good Shepherd Chapel, Calvert St
S. Peter’s, London Docks
S. Paul’s, Lorrimore Square
S. Paul’s, Walworth
S. Agnes, Kennington Park
S. Saviour’s, Pimlico
S. Jude’s, Sheffield
Ss. Peter & Paul, Charlton, Dover
S. Augustine’s, Hackney
S. Alban’s, Upper Norwood,
Devizes (Wiltshire)
Limpsfield, Portsea


Community of S. Peter, Horbury (1858)

The Cathedral, Wakefield
Parish Church of S. Peter, Horbury
S. John’s, Horbury Bridge
The Ascension, Lavender Hill
S. Mary’s Mission, Horbury
S. George’s, Nottingham
S. Augustine’s, Tonge Moor
S. Benedict’s, Ardwick, Manchester


Community of S. Peter the Apostle (1858)

S. Mary’s, Kenton


Community of the Holy Rood (1858)

S. Augustine’s, Tonge Moor, Bolton
All Saints, Helmsley
S. Hilda’s, Leeds
All Saints, Middlesbrough


Community of S. Peter, Woking (1861)

various parishes in Portsmouth


Deaconess Community of S. Andrew (1861)

S. Luke’s, Kings Cross
Brill Mission, Somers Town
S. Stephen’s, Portland Town
S. Matthias, Bethnal Green
S. Simon Zelotes, Bethnal Green
S. Jude’s, Gray’s Inn Road

S John Baptist, Great
Marlborough Street
Holy Trinity, East Finchley
S. Martin in the Fields
S. Peter’s, Regent Street,
S. Mark’s, Notting Hill
Christ Church
S. Michael’s, North Kensington
S. Paul’s, Hammersmith
S. Peter’s, Eaton Square
S. Clement’s, Notting Dale
S. Barnabas, Marylebone
Harrow Mission, Notting Hill
S. Gabriel’s, Pimlico
S. Columba’s, Notting Hill
All Saints, Highgate
S. Stephen’s, Primrose Hill
All Saints Mission, Seven Dials
S. Pancras,
S. John’s, Hampstead
All Saints, Southall
S. Philip’s, Dalston
Holy Trinity, Dalston
S. Michael & All Angels,
Stoke Newington
S. John-at-Hackney
All Hallows, Southwark
S. Barnabas, Homerton
S. Luke’s, Homerton
The Eton Mission, Hackney Wick
Christ Church, Spitalfields
All Saints, Whetstone
Christ Church, Luton
S Peter’s, Luton
S. Paul’s, S. Mary’s, S. Martin’s,
S. Matthew’s
S. George’s-in-the-East
All Souls, Clapton
S. James, Norlands
S. Paul’s, Harrow Road
S. Andrew’s, West Kensington
S. Saviour’s, Warwick Avenue
S. Stephen’s, S. Luke’s,
Westbourne Park
S. Stephen w S. John,
S. John’s, Ladbroke Grove
S. Mary’s, Primrose Hill


Community of the Holy Name (1865)

S. Peter’s, Vauxhall
S. Alban’s, Highgate,
S. John the Baptist, Coventry
All Hallows, Wellingborough
All Saints, Wellingborough
S. Mary’s, Wellingborough
S. George’s, Jesmond
S. Matthew’s, Newcastle-on-Tyne
S. Marychurch, Torquay
Radford, Nottingham


Society of the Sisters of Bethany (1866)

Holy Redeemer, Clerkenwell
S. Silas, Pentonville
S. Agnes, Kennington Park
S. Andrew’s, Plaistow
Church of the Annunciation,
S. Bartholomew’s, Brighton
S. Paul’s, Burton-on-Trent
S. Giles, Reading
S. Martin’s, Ramsgate
S. Clement’s, Bournemouth
S. Francis, Bournemouth


Community of S. Wilfrid (1866)

All Hallows, Exeter,
S. Edmund, Exeter
S. Mary’s Steps, Exeter
Ss Olave and Mary Arches
S. Andrew’s, Wells Street, London


Sisters of Charity (1869)

The Ascension, Victoria Docks
S. Peter’s, London Docks
S. Mary’s, Bourne Street
S. John’s, Bedminster, Bristol
S. Jude’s, Bristol
S. Martin’s, Knowle, Bristol
Holy Nativity, Knowle, Bristol
All Saints, Winterbourne Down


Community of the Sisters of the Church (1870)

S. Augustine’s, Kilburn
Christ Church, Lisson Grove
S. Mary’s, Cable Street
S. John’s, Commercial Road,
All Hallows’, Poplar
S. Michael’s, Bromley
S. Mary’s, Willesden
S. Mark’s, Hamilton Terrace,
S. Paul’s Ramsgate


Community of S. Laurence, Belper (1874)

Christ Church, Belper
Retford, Scarborough


Community of S. Denys (1879)

All Saints’, Poplar
S. Nicholas, Chiswick
S. Denys, Warminster


Community of the Epiphany (1883)

S. Mary’s, Penzance;
S. Peter’s, Newlyn
Madron, St Ives, Perth


Community of Our Lady of Nazareth (1894)

S. John’s, Tuebrook, Liverpool
Church of the Good Shepherd, Chard

Society of the Incarnation of the Eternal Son (1894)

S. Philip’s, Plaistow
S. Mark’s, Marylebone
S. Mary & S. John, Saltley
S. Mark’s, Washwood Heath
S. Gabriel, Deritend
S. Michael’s, Bussage, Glos.


Order of the Holy Paraclete  (1915)


Helmsley (Rievaulx)




Leigh on Sea

Lewisham (London)

London (near Kings Cross)






Community of Jesus of Nazareth (1928)

S. Peter’s, Plymouth
S. Columba’s, Sunderland
S. Barnabas, Northolt Park
S. Paul’s, Knightsbridge
S. Silas, Hull (+ five other parishes)